Lavender Luxury

After 6 months of planning, 20 days of tailoring and 400 hours of beading, Didie’s cape, blouse, skirt, corset, shawl and belt were finally ready for her new year wedding. It was honestly a big mountain to climb, with thousands of minute beads sewn into 18 meters of delicate lace and then the handsewing of embellished lace onto long lengths of the softest chiffon… rocca was put to the test.

But at the end of much experimenting, timely assistance and 3 weeks of non-stop labor, it was great joy to see each piece looking exactly like how I pictured (and hoped) it’d be when Didie and I first met over a casual lunch 6 months earlier and I sketched her designs. The relief was rewarding! And then of course, seeing her walk on the red carpet (yes, there was a red carpet!) with her cape floating lightly and shifting softly behind her – absolutely breathtaking, if I may say so myself ;)

Many thanks to Didie, who was gracious and supportive throughout the process of crafting her 6 piece bridal ensemble. Not forgetting  my mom who came all the way from Penang and my friends (Sian Huey, Tri-Xha & Sean I), who sacrificed their sleep and necks to co-labor with me, even throughout the Christmas season. It made all the difference.. thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

To see Didie’s rocca feature, click here.

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Happy New Year

Dear all,

Rocca wishes you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful year ahead!

It’s been awhile since the journal has been updated – my apologies. But just to keep you in the loop, rocca has been extremely busy working for a client who is getting married on 2 January 2010 which is in a few day’s time. It is the biggest project by far as it involves many hours of the sewing of beads, lace and more beads. I will be filling you in with the full feature in a couple of weeks hopefully (speaking of which, I owe you another feature from the 23 November entry, ‘Coming Soon…’), but here’s a little preview below of what rocca has been up to. It’s all I can show you right now.

Have a good end of year 2009 everyone. God bless.

, judith


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coming soon…

Rocca’s latest: A French lace dress for a bride tying the knot in Singapore. Full feature coming soon..

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it’s showtime

The film industry is one titanic playground for anyone looking for ideas, especially designers. Any part of a film production has the potential to be interpreted into fashion statements, be it the script, plot, characters, props, or costumes.. and if Marc Jacobs could have Spongebob Squarepants directly adapted into Louis Vuitton’s summer collection, you are guaranteed that it can be the most elementary thing to do. Like fashion trends, movies are caught in the vicious cycle of hits and misses. But as far as wardrobe styling and wedding scenes are concerned, there are some great looking wedding dresses featured in movies nowadays. It would be a terrible waste if they do not at some point become inspirational sources for those who need to see them most, so here are dresses from several movies that are seriously noteworthy..


Best friends in the movie Bride Wars, Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson tie the knot in irresistible dresses. What happens to them and in their dresses, you should watch for yourself. I personally prefer Anne’s dress but both are breathtaking nevertheless.


Jennifer Aniston’s dress in Marley & Me: I’m fond of that ruffled neckline and vintage look. Side note: I’m quite sure she got married without the shawl.


You can almost hear her talking in breakneck speed even in this picture, but with a dress like that, there is a lot to shout about. Lorelai from Gilmore Girls wears a strapless gown with elaborate detailing and a soft, tulle skirt. I like how she looks here standing casually at the foot of her stairs, but maybe that skirt needs a little ironing.

satc-groupYou can’t leave out Sex & The City when you’re talking costumes. I have to admit *I’ve never really watched a single episode before!* But it’s good to know that there are snippets of Carrie’s eccentric style littered everywhere to educate me just as effectively. I love the picture above of all 4 of them – the dresses, the colors, the expressions.

She’s gotten so much attention already, I’ll give her a little more – I don’t even know if this has anything to do with her wedding, but here’s Sarah Jessica Parker again in a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL dress. Looking at that fabric, I can imagine it would feel like velvet and a hint of silky cobweb on your fingers. Exquisite.


In the limelight now after SATC, is TV series Gossip Girl. Here, Lily van der Woodsen (lead sweetheart, Serena’s mum) walks down the aisle and poses on set in a pleated gown complete with flowers on her mermaid skirt.



Above, Vanessa Williams (Wilhelmina Slater of Ugly Betty) is looking like an angelic bride; the picture on the left is more typical of her on-screen character. William’s TV personality aside, I love the detail on the bust, with the subtle embellishments peeking out from elegant draping.. I’m not sure about the gloves though. But then again, she is the creative director of Mode magazine.

And last but not least: Teri Hatcher and Dana Delany on the set of Desperate Housewives, season six. Yes, there are two brides and only one groom each truly wants to marry (you’ll have to guess who but this is quite a give-away). I like the lace neckline and sleeves on Dana’s dress and the unique beading and front overlap on Teri’s.

So which is/are your favorite(s)?

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keepsake stationery

yellow black


peacock feathers


red envelope french-scroll-f

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inspiration: classicism

One of my favorite wedding sites to spend my carefree hours on is It is stocked with hundreds of the prettiest pictures! Here’s a set that made me stop my excessive scrolling – pictures of a wedding with a very classic theme (from the wall murals to the table arrangements; chandeliers and hairdo), of a couple named Jamie and Randy. What impressed me most was that they had an artist paint the evening away to commemorate their wedding! Such a great touch to their 19th century themed celebration… and I also love the draped train on Jamie’s gown!






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the magic of marchesa

One can say that Marchesa (pronounced as Mar-kay-sa) is truly the darling of feminine fashion. Season after season, designer Georgina Chapman charms all with her ultra romantic, ultra dreamy, straight out of a fairytale-like masterpieces that are so easy to fall in love with, even if you are a woman who cares little about clothing or a man who is hard to please. Simply put, Marchesa’s loveliness is irresistible and here’s why:





Aren’t they stunning?

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tacky nightmare

I had a nightmare last night about a client’s dress. It came back from the workshop a day before her fitting and it was dark grey and purple instead of ivory. The dress was entirely sewn in this ‘lace’ that wasn’t only in the wrong color, but was hard like cardboard and RATTLED when I shook it.. And there were PIPE CLEANERS arranged all around the borders! Nothing about the dress was a close resemblance to my initial design and direction.

When I asked my tailor what had happened, he persuaded me that everything looked much better now – forget the ivory color scheme, forget the french lace, forget the laced borders and forget whatever you promised your client because this new creation was THE one to wear and the bride would absolutely looove it! I was having a panic attack and thinking that he must’ve sold my french lace away and substituted it with whatever leftovers he could find in the workshop storeroom. The doomed feeling of having EVERYTHING wrong the day before you meet your client, is a horrible horrible feeling thanks to this educating nightmare.. it hasn’t happened to rocca and I sure hope it never will!

I really shouldn’t be thinking of alternative bridalwear before I sleep!

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the alternative bride: making it short & sweet

Kick-starting the journal, I thought it would be fun to post an entry and maintain a series of unconventional wedding dresses.

So here’s a chiffon, strapless Thurley short dress, that would at first glance, pass off as something a bridesmaid or a guest to your wedding might wear. For the bride? I wouldn’t think so myself. Maybe if it was floor length, then yes, it would make a simple, contemporary wedding dress. But then again, wearing it short wouldn’t hurt.

A bride should never be too quick to limit herself when it comes to dress choices – sometimes safe is boring more than anything else. Apart from increasingly popular marriage registration ceremonies where the bride-to-be would usually vouch for something short, I personally do not know of anyone who has or would want to bare her knees at her wedding ceremony (although I would love to make that happen!). Nevertheless, I adore the fact that you could put this Thurley dress to work any other day and stylishly upgrade it with a boyfriend jacket.


What do you think? Would you wear this down the aisle?


2-in-1: This beaded Thurley dress makes a second appearance as a fashionable cocktail dress

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